Mitch Harbaugh
Mitch Harbaugh

Squat: 460lbs

Clean & Jerk: 330lbs

Deadlift: 508lbs

Snatch: 262llbs

Fran: 1:59

Front Squat: 415lbs

Grace: 1:52


CrossFit Level 3

Crossfit Gymnastics

Adaptive Athlete Training

Bachelors Health & Exercise Science

General Manager

Mitch Harbaugh

About Coach

Mitch has been doing CrossFit since 2011 and coaching since 2013. His time in the CrossFit community has focused around coaching and various operations roles from back end systems, event management and strategic growth planning. His passion for fitness has lead him towards working within the CrossFit community since he was 18 years old.

Turning Point

Early in his coaching career he had the opportunity to intern at Reebok HQ's CrossFit gym, Reebok CrossFit One. There he learned from notable coaches including Austin Malleolo, Kelly Jackson, Erika Snyder and Denise Thomas. This was a turning point for him becuase he learned what elite level coaching looked like and what direct feedback felt like.

Motivation & Passion

Mitch finds motivation and passion to coach from his first impressions of CrossFit. His first CrossFit class he did with his mom and he remembers how diverse the community was.